The B Word


I know long articles can be unattractive at times...  But I ask that if you're going to put your 2 cents in below, that you do actually read the entire thing.  I know there are a group of very strong willed, passionate comics out there that are fully against a show they have to promote.  They have some merit in their argument, or they may just be bitter.  We can totally discuss this in an adult manner below if you feel inspired to do so!  You can comment at the bottom! I usually don't use the … [Read more...]

To Speak or Not To Speak


I am often at clubs, colleges, coffee shops and many other venues outfitted with a mic and a stool frequented by tons of comedians and wanna-be comics who at any given moment will jump on stage and spew from their mouths what ever leaps from their head to their tongue quickest, often without giving it a fraction of thought. Thoughtless verbiage passed off as comedy should not be defended. People are quick to use the 1st Amendment to defend what should have been a 5th Amendment situation. The … [Read more...]

The 3 Minute Set


I'm not quite sure how it happened, but for some reason I have been doing a large amount of 3 minute sets over the last month. Whether at an open mic or an audition, or slipping me into a midnight show, people are giving me 3 minutes to say my piece and that is all. When I was given my first three 3 set, I was astonished. How could I possibly fit everything that I had to say into 3 minutes? Just to get on stage and ask the crowd how they're doing takes almost 30 seconds. I thought that by the … [Read more...]

Where Do I Go From Here?


Next month will mark my third year anniversary of my entrance into stand-up comedy. Now, while three years might not sound like a long amount of time to most people, it is worth noting that three years constitutes a full eighth of my life. One eighth of my life spent going to open mics, bringer shows, and listening to countless hours of the worst comedians that L.A. has to offer. During those three years, I have performed at pretty much every place a comic at my level can perform in L.A. Three … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Hecklers

Stevie Mack at Improv

I've been performing Stand Up Comedy since 1991. I've been on TV and in Movies, but most of my experience comes from being on stage in front of a live audience, comedy clubs, colleges, parties...etc. The main thing to remember about comedy is, HAVE FUN!  When on stage performing Stand Up Comedy, it's just you and the audience. You really want that audience to be WITH you. One of the biggest challenges for the comic is the heckler. A heckler can do one of two things, (1.) Ruin your performance … [Read more...]

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Bisexuals


Nights when I am not performing as a comic then I like to go to the comedy clubs and watch the shows. But sometimes just going out and sitting in the audience is not as easy as it sounds.  As I have now officially become the Ellis Island to Bisexuals. I tried to avoid it, but I now attract them somehow. The other night I went to The Laugh Factory comedy club on the Sunset Strip. I went to hang out with some of the comics and watch the show. This is a real straight club. There is nothing … [Read more...]

Following a Great Act


A couple of months ago, I wound up having a very trying, yet very educational night at the Comedy Store. I had a new set of about 8 minutes that I had been working on, and I was really excited because it was going to be the first time I had ever tried interacting with the people sitting in the audience. So there I was, back stage of the Comedy Store, pondering how many times Sam Kinison did blow off of one of the dressing room tables I was leaning on, when a giant of the comedy industry, Bill … [Read more...]

Tales of the New Comic: Brothers in Arms

Goat Hill:  Come for the many beers on tap, stay for the half order of peanuts you find and start eating against your better judgment

Something I’m learning is that comedy is addicting. You work a show four nights in a row, maybe even multiple shows a night, and then on your day off you’re suddenly begging for a spot on a bill or trolling an open mic night. It’s a bit like in the movie Fight Club when Edward Norton begins to realize the power of his new hobby.  He can’t concentrate at work, He can’t stop obsessing over his next move, and pretty much all of his activities become a means to an end, that end being fight … [Read more...]